If Sharpeis wrote sonnets and Labradors wrote limericks, of what would they muse? Jessica Swaim re-envisions classic literature through a roundup of cultured hounds including Rover Frost, Emily Doginson, and Edgar Allan Pug. Poems range from the savory “Shall I Compare Thee to a Steak Fillet,” to the reflective “Sizing Up Shoes on a Soulful Evening” and the mysterious “The Maven,” each with a cunning twist that will leave you grinning. The poets are also brought to life with distinguished portraits by Chet Phillips and insightful biographies.


Why Do I Chase Thee: Classic Poetry for Dogs from Elizabeth Basset Browning and Other Canine Masters

author Jessica Swaim

illustrator Chet Phillips

  1. Gibbs Smith, Pub: March 2014

  2. Hardcover, 88pp

  3. Ages: High School and Up

  4. ISBN-13: 9781423635543

  5. ISBN: 142363554X

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