Nate is an ordinary boy with brown eyes and freckles on his nose. When Nate gets discouraged because he can't do ordinary things like write his name or win a race, he begins to do extraordinary things other children can't---Like flying all night his dreams.

Even though Nate fails at writing his name on the blackboard, that night, Nate writes it on the biggest blackboard of all--the night sky.

It was easy to get it right. All he had to do is connect the dots.

And, one day, when he strikes out at baseball--- his dreams, Orion pitched him the moon. Nate swung hard and hit it clear out of the solar system. "Home run!" Orion patted him on the back. "Way to go Nate."

In NATE BY NIGHT, Jessica Swaim presents an endearing portrait of a little boy who is just inches behind the other children in achievement. As a result of the confidence Nate picks up by practicing things at night in the stars, Nate soon discovers that his dreams are reality.

Nate's flight of fancy illustrates an important message to children---to keep believing in themselves. NATE BY NIGHT is not only valuable for its discreet lesson, however, but for its whimsical journey to those starry places that shine in the imaginations of children everywhere. If you want a magical book that lets a child soar above the stars and then sets the child gently down on earth, NATE BY NIGHT is for you.

NATE BY NIGHT is Author Jessica Swaim's first children's picture book. Her uniquely refreshing style and terrific, on-the-mark insights into the world of a child, combined with her talent for telling a wonderful story, make her an author that I will definitely keep an eye out for in the future.

Copyright (c) 2000 Lynne Remick - Reprinted in BLR with permission from Lynne Remick and Fantasy, Folklore & Fairytales

Nate by Night

author Jessica Swaim

illustrator Helen O'Dea

  1. Portunus Publishing Co., 2000

  2. Picture Book, Hardcover, 32pp

  3. Ages: 4 - 8

  4. ISBN-13: 9781886440029

Note: Nate by Night is Currently Out of Print, but although it is no longer available from the publisher, you may still be able to find Nate on various resale sites, through Amazon or your local library.

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