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Jessica’s rhyming picture book The Hound from the Pound grew out of her boundless love for dogs. If she could, she would do what fictional Mary MacIntosh does, adopt a houseful of marvelous mutts and spend all her time playing with and training them.    

If she were a dog, Jessica would be a Jack Russell terrier.  She is short-haired and feisty and loves long walks on a loose leash, napping in front of the fireplace, and lying belly-up in the grass.  Whenever she jumps the fence in search of adventure, she invariably finds it, but the best part is always coming back home, to her wee ranchette in Parker, Colorado.

Jessica Swaim grew up in Sedalia, Missouri, home of the state fair, where a fortune teller once told her a fistful of lies.  Her poetry collection Scarum Fair came from combining a carnival setting with the dark side of her imagination.

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